SG Immo 025Marion von Klitzing
Relocation and foreign relations
Mrs. von Klitzing is responsible for bilingual correspondence and relocation services for foreign employees. She also organises Registration at various German offices and will answer any questions you may have about working and living in Germany.

SG Immo 015Gaby Maahs
Office organisation
If you ever call our office usually she’ll be the first person you talk to. Gaby manages our appointments, does the accounting and still finds time to answer in-depth questions about our properties.

SG Immo 052Robert Hagenau
Our expert for rented properties will gladly take you on a tour of your new home. He will also introduce you to the landlord and  monitor all proceeding actions and paperwork. Until it’s time for handing over the keys to your new appartment he will always be at your side.

webbildJanina Hessel
Sales assistant
Our newest member is keeping an eye on our current building projects and properties for sale.
She is always looking for new properties and will be glad for any advice. This website is under her care.